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DR0NK Tank

Gordon's Well

Pair a Dice is where we eat.

DYD is presented the Quad/Fire Jumping Baffoon Award.

QPFs excellant re-enactment of the DYD event!.

DYD is presented a tee shirt for his efforts. After all he sacreficed himself for the 3 new DR0NKs Initiation ritual!!!

DYD after a Case. Dont try this at home!

N9XTs digs at Gordons Well.

RLV in dress, ready for the Dunes.

RLV on a 40 meter sked. Note the antenna highlighted with the ragss!

BP needs a jump! N9XT to the rescue with AUV supervising.

We got a glimpse of what they see and the capabilities of the eye in the sky 4X4 they have.

Our group taking a break.

Ok two breaks.

My camp before the Ranger busted us for no permits.
Mr. Ranger ... Eat my shorts!!!