...Next run is Feb 9-11th, Trail Boss XT has instructions below...Overnight Wx is forecasted 50 degrees...

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Updated on 6/6/14


DYD provided the entertainment on this Dec 2003 trip.

DTR provided the initial Triage Care immediatley following the crash into EMW’s Trailer.

N9XT had to bring additional first aid supplies the following morning to patch him up.

Vast quantities of liquid pain killer were consumed following this incident.A

There are videos of this event in the Dronk Vault.

Why do you want me to put my pumpkin here?

Holy Shit Batman, was that legal?

Range Lighting was provided at midnight courtesy of Volkswagon?

Bad Eric provided campfire entertainment with his innovative gasoline flares? Rumor has it these could be seen for 50 miles.

Propane tanks are very hard to explode, but they do provide moments of adrenaline rushes while trying.

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