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DR0NK Tank

Tule Wells Run
We meet at Tacna Az near the entrance

Entrance to the Tule Run at Tacna Az.

Alex DTR bringing up the rear. Iím told he does this best

Cinder cone

Lava fields

7 4X4ís 8 Brave Explorers take on Tule Wells

The Landscape is Ominous and Daunting

The Fun Begins!

DYDís turn to go through!

Mud and Ruts with no way Around.

Stuck for over 2 days!

Al directs the winching operation.

The one with the most Ground Clearance got Stuck!

Road to Papago Wells

Slipping and Sliding Through the Mud.

Marty having lunch.

John sez; you are Following too Close!
I Think he was going too Slow! No match for a Blazer!

Tule Wells

Adobe shack at Tule Wells

Placing money on the grave is a Mexican Custom

Looks like a mule or coyote

Damons fire, we know nothing.

Minerís grave from the 1800ís.

Sunset at Papago Wells.

Moon over camp

Note the 40 Meter Wire on the Cactus, We didnít Harm it!

I think we read the regulations on the way out.

RLV makes Contact on 40 Meters with the Bedwetters who all had Excuses and couldnít make the Run.

Damon finds a ride for TFC

Leave it to Jerry to trash a car wash.

He did a great job!