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Updated on 6/6/14

Silent Keys

This page is dedicated to Dr0nks and other Hams that had influence in the Dr0nk community. This may include villians and honorable mentions.

DR0NK Silent Keys

February 19th 2003
March 21, 1938-Feb. 19, 2003
Jackson Henry Dobbs Jr., 64, of San Diego died Feb. 19. He was born in Texas and was an engineer for radio station KSON. Mr. Dobbs served in the Army during the Vietnam War. He was a member of the National Association of Amateur Radio and the ARRL.
Jack was a clandestine DR0NK

January 4, 2004
Greg Gastil
A wake in Greg’s honor was held on Jan 10th. There was a huge turnout. Greg will be missed.

September 26th 2004
Monty Wayne Sisco
June 24, 1949-September 26, 2004
Monty was known for his “Have I got a deal for you” and his brand”M” which he lived and breathed. Monty was an entrepreneur extraordinaire. When it came to Motorola, he was at the head of the class. I remember 25 years ago watching him work on HT220’s until the audio was perfect.
In recent years, Monty had withdrawn from the amateur community and was seldom heard. Rest in peace old friend.


June 4th 2007
William K. Cheverton PHD
December 20, 1944 - June 3, 2007
It was frequently rumored that Bill was involved in “nameless” organizations of the US government. Bill had uniforms with credentials for a number of government agencies. He had a degree in psychology, specializing in human behavior. As such, he was uniquely qualified for that, being able to observe human behavior from the outside. His sick and twisted humor includes putting a pizza in the oven for the TFC. When the house filled with smoke, he remarked “you didn’t say to remove the box”


Kenneth V. Halford W6DTA SK
Died of Cancer

Thomas F. McDuffie KM6K SK
March 18th 1947 - July 13, 2009
Tom was the Manager of HRO for many years, he was a dedicated Ham, trusted Dr0nk and good friend to all ham radio operators.


Stu Hacken WV6H, May 6, 1955 - 12/24/2013

Stu was AKA the “Hee Hee”, & “Hacken Sack” He passed from a heart attack just 7 days before his scheduled retirement from 35 years at Motorola.

Please help me add to all the SK memories by emailing me with anything you might have. Any photos a plus.


Other Notable Silent Keys

Marlon Brando KE6PZH/F05GJ

Walter Cronkite KB2GSD


Photos of our departed friends

Reverend William Cheverton PHD SK

Marlin Brando SK

Walter Cronkite SK

Stu Hacken SK

And Enemies SK

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