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Updated on 6/6/14

Agua Caliente

Should some members actually bother to show up, then all I can offer at this time is a suggested route and schedule, as the trail boss has never been to these areas before (except Kofa, of course).

I plan on leaving Descanso about 9 or 10 AM, on Friday, October 27th.  Anyone wishing to caravan, can meet up at the Park and Ride at the I-8 off-ramp.  From there we'll probably do a Banzai run to Yuma, and gas up at Barney's (or wherever individual DORC members wish to gas up).  Then, probably, another Banzai run to Gila Bend.  This is where we should meet up with Doug, HRB.  If brother Jerry can do so, it would be beneficial if he could allow Doug to use his spare radio for the trip.  Probably gas up again, and head back West.

 This means we'll probably get to the Agua Caliente road trail head about 3:00 PM or so.  Brother Alex has requested this route, with hopes of seeing more naked guys in the hot springs, so there's no telling how long well hang around the springs.  This portion of the trip is very easy.  We can make a short detour to the ghost town of Sundad.  I'm of the opinion that we should look around the area, for a camping spot for the night.  Then entire trail is about 40 miles, but we'll be near the Gila Bend mountains, so there should be some likely camping spots somewhere along this trail.

 Saturday, Feb. 28th.  From our camping area, we go North, via dirt roads and paved roads, and eventually wind up at I-10.  The book says we go under the freeway, and then to the BigHornMountain Trail.  This has a slightly more difficult rating, but should be too bad at all.  It's about 25 miles long, and eventually let's out at Eagle Eye Road.  From there, we go North again, and hit the Harquahala Mountain Trail.    There's an old observatory up this way, and it's supposed to be at the highest spot (5,700') in the area.  It's also more difficult than the Big Horn Trail.  I'm hoping that we can hit the thriving metropolis of Salome from there.  It's on US 60.  The book doesn't say the trail goes through, but some of the GPS maps say it does.  We'll see.  This trail is about 10 miles to the observatory, but we may have to circle around, and come back, in order to continue.  Depending on how long these trips take, we may wind up camping in this area on Saturday.  This is an unknown for the time being.  Gas is also unknown, so I suggest bringing a spare can or two.

 If we have enough time on Saturday, the plan was to eventually hit the Harquahala Mine Trail from Salome.  It's another easy one, and from there, we actually head South to Hovatter Road (crossing I-10).  This appears to lead us through BLM land to the edge of the Kofa area (East side), and we eventually hook up with Hoodoo Wash.  So, depending on where we end up on Saturday, and where we camp, we should be at the edge of Kofa sometime Sunday morning.  This should get us to the Museum Sunday afternoon. 

 From here, DORC members can camp one more night, head home, head to Pair-A-Dice (or whatever it's called now) if camping is allowed there anymore. This is about all I can offer at this time.  So everyone should prepare for at least two nights of camping (more likely three) and extra gas.

 That is all.

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